Thank you to the wonderful photographers and students who helped contribute their photos to the MFWI website. Here our the website’s photographers listed below:

Nick Folger (Professional)
Ron Belisle
Yuri K. (EDU Student)Instagram @kubotasan8
Karin M. (English Student)Instagram @karin_39can
Mako T. (English Student)Instagram @makoron_17
Yume Y. (EDU Student)Instagram @12_apricot
Fuka S. (English Student)Instagram @fuka_s04
Yu M. (EXT Student)Instagram @yu2249
Emily W. (RA)Instagram @donut.thief.1288
Mari T. (Pharmacy Student)Instagram @maryt5252
Lauren C. (RA)Instagram @wren.currier
Shannon J. (RA)Instagram @shannon.mjohnsonn
Lillian R. (RA)