Mukogawa U.S. Campus is now hiring RAs for the Fall 2022 Session!

If you are a female college student and are interested in an RA position, please read on…

General Duties:
The Resident Assistant (RA) lives with Japanese university women on the Mukogawa U.S. Campus, in Spokane, Washington. The RA provides English language conversation opportunities and one-hour evening interactive encounters for students in their group, orientation to the Spokane community and American culture, residence living assistance, friendship and guidance, amounting to about 20 work hours per week, on average.

RAs are assigned to live and work with groups of students (usually ranging in size of 10 – 14 students per group), as well as sharing meals and recreation. RAs provide assistance with evening and weekend dormitory coverage on a rotating basis. They are supervised by the Student Life Director and work closely with the Student Advisors.

Minimum Qualifications:
A keen interest in gaining knowledge and skills in cross-cultural understanding and communication is essential as well as interest in learning about Japanese culture, including customs and food. Knowledge of Japanese language is not necessary. The RA must provide engaging interaction and conversation opportunities. The RA’s schedule must be flexible enough to provide the evening (M–Th) interactive times with students, attend a few meals every week with their group, RA on-call duty, attendance at orientations (for RAs as well as students), RA training sessions, and participation in the overall residence community.

Selection Criteria:
The Resident Assistant must be a part-time or full-time college or university student in good standing with a cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher. Previous experience in leadership, peer counseling, or related activities preferred.

Half of the 20-hour work week is compensated through room and board that is provided each RA, which includes up to 19 meals per week (when students are on campus), a single furnished room, all utilities, wifi, TV, and phone service. The other half is compensated monetarily via a weekly stipend (wages paid for 10 hours of work per week for 17 weeks). New RA wages start at minimum wage ($14.49/hr) for the first year.

Application Procedure:
Online application submissions are now available by clicking the button below.

Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted as long as there are positions to fill.

Job Start Date, if hired: August 29, 2022

Applications submitted online are preferable, but if that is not possible for some reason, we will work with you. Please contact:

Student Life Director
Mukogawa U.S. Campus
4000 W. Randolph Road
Spokane, WA 99224

or email: