Pharmacy students mix ingredients for a compounding exercise to create gummy bears in the Washington State University compounding lab.

I had been looking forward to going to MFWI someday so this experience
was the best memory of my university life. I always say, “I want to go back to MFWI!”

Mari T, Fall 2019

Early September – Early October

At the beginning of Fall, a small group of Pharmacy students come to study at MFWI. In the United States, students will improve their English skills, learning English specific to their department and the international Pharmaceutical profession. Students will also attend Washington State University School of Pharmacy lectures and practical training, visit medical facilities, listen to lectures by graduates who work there, and interact with local students. Through this, students can experience the active fields of pharmacists.

All classes at MFWI will be conducted in English in order to acquire the English skills needed in a global society. In order to improve the effectiveness of learning, we have adopted a small group of about 12 language subjects and about 24 lecture subjects. The American teachers who teach are ESL professionals who have a qualification for English education. Each class is 90 minutes, and the classes are organized according to the level of each student, and the instruction and evaluation are done according to the class, so students can improve their English ability without difficulty.

Mari’s Story


Pharmacy Trips


The Space Needle

Seattle Mariners Arena

Pike Place Market

Fall Events

Fall Events

Greenbluff Farm

Spokane County Fair

Kendall Yards Night Market

Sports Games

Silverwood Amusement Park

Happy Girls Run