Megumi’s Story

Living at MFWI taught me how to enjoy interacting with many people in English. Before I experienced life at MFWI, I did not have confidence in my English skills at all and I did not like studying or speaking English. However, thanks to my MFWI life, teachers, and friends, I changed my mind about English.

At first, I was worried about living in America because everything was new to me. To illustrate the differences, I was living away from my family for four months and communicating in English every single day inside and out of the classroom, so sometimes I felt stressed, but my teachers always told me, “You are good at speaking English. That is why you have to have confidence!” My friends also supported me when I was feeling homesick or unsure about my English skills. Eventually, I was able to enjoy my life at MFWI, and I started thinking that studying English is very interesting. I thought that I would like to study English more and more to interact with many people all over the world!

Because of this, after I left MFWI, I decided to go study abroad in Australia for a year in order to improve my English skills even more. If I had not experienced MFWI life, I wouldn’t have realized the fun of speaking English, and I wouldn’t have learned about the wonderful world outside of Japan. I really appreciate the people who were at MFWI with me, especially my teachers and friends. Thank you very much!

-Megumi T, JC Student, 2017