Mari’s Story

Pharmacy Program

Even before I started University, I had heard about MFWI. Since then, I had been looking forward to going to MFWI someday so this experience was the best memory of my university life. I could take lectures from Washington State University’s professors and learn about the pharmaceutical system.

After that, I visited the pharmacy, hospital, and a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. At Washington State University, we made gummy bears because pharmacists sometimes put medicine inside gummy bears. I could learn about the medical differences between Japan and America in this pharmacy program.

My Resident Assistant, Jenna, always planned fun activities for us. I was able to make many great memories with the MFWI RAs. They made a wonderful MFWI life for us. MFWI teachers are also always kind to students. When Iw as really nervous before the Welcome Banquet Speech, one of the teachers encouraged and smiled at me. I’ve had an interest in English for a while, but I strongly felt that I would like to make use of English in my future through this experience. I really enjoyed my time at MFWI, and it was a big memory of my life. I want to come back to MFWI someday.