What Students Need to Know:

About the United States

Prepare Yourself for the reality of living in another country

Learn about the present-day customs and culture. The US is very different from Japan!

Learn the basic rules of etiquette, or acceptable and polite behavior. What may be polite in one country may be offensive in another

Trips: Seattle, Washington State, Idaho State

Education Program

Early September- Late December

Education students are majoring in Early Elementary Education at MWU’s Education Department to become elementary teachers.

Trips: New York, Manhattan, Boston, Washington DC, Virginia State,Washington State, Idaho State

Extension Program

Early September- Late December

Spring English major students can choose to return for an additional more intensive English program in the Fall

Trips: Arizona, New Mexico, Portland, The Grand Canyon

Pharmacy Program

Early September- Late December

5th year pharmacy students from MWU’s 6 year Pharmacy course come to MFWI.

Trips: Seattle, Washington State

English Program

Early February- Late May

Students from MWU’s English Department are required to study 4 months at MFWI as part of their 4 year English degree.

Trips: Seattle, Washington State, Idaho State, Boston, Washington DC, Virginia State

Summer Program


Open to all MWU Departments

Trips: Idaho State, Silverwood Amusement Park, Coeur d’ Alene

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