I had such a wonderful experience and I really appreciate everyone who supported me.
I hope to make use of this experience in the future and tell many people about America!

Maika, JC Student 2010

Early September – Late December

This is a program where students will learn from local American teachers to improve their English skills and acquire an international sense. Students will earn credits for the second year of the first year in four months. In addition to learning English, students will also experience corporate training and homestays in the United States.

Students will visit Seattle, Washington state, Silverwood Amusement park, and enjoy many of Spokane’s attractions.

Once during their study abroad, students will have a weekend homestay of 2 nights or 3 nights. There are various ways for students to spend a day at homestay, such as having a picnic, shopping, and watching sports. Students who are good at cooking can also show off Japanese home cooking.
Students may be invited to spend time with their host family on holidays and holiday meals after the initial homestay. Through such contact with American families, students will deepen their understanding of American life and customs.

Students will also live with an American college student just like them! Their RA will speak English with them, share meals and recreation, and introduce students to American culture.

Megumi’s Story

JC Trips


The Space Needle

Washington State Tour

Seattle Mariners Arena

Pike Place Market


Fall Events

Greenbluff Farm

Halloween Party



Spokane County Fair

Kendall Yards Night Market

The Nutcracker Ballet

Sports Events

Halloween Trick or Treating

Silverwood Amusement Park

Happy Girls Run

Disney On Ice

Fall Events

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American Studies



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