Student Comments About Homestay

“My host family welcomed us warmly! They were very kind. I had such a great time and it is such a precious experience for me.” 

“My host family explained how to study English, how to play American card games and so on. I think they were very good and want to go again.” 

“I wanted to stay more. The children were so cute and they talked a lot with me. I could learn pronunciation and American life. I love them!”

“I enjoyed staying with my host family. They were very kind and friendly, so I want to go again. I was so happy! I love my host family.”

– Mukogawa Student

Host Family Comments About Homestay

“This was our first experience as a host family and other than some language challenges (which are to be expected and not a big deal), we were very impressed and pleased with the whole experience. Our students were so very delightful and dear and we truly felt honored to have this special time and opportunity with them.”

“At first I signed up to participate in the Homestay Program because I thought I was doing something nice for someone. The entire experience ended up being so fun for us, and for our kids. It gave us a whole new view of our city, our community and our daily activities. Not to mention we made friends for a lifetime! ”

“This is a great program that we love being able to participate in. The students are kind and sweet, just a joy to have around and in our lives.”

“Our students were lovely to hang out with in our home and brought smiles to all our faces. The children loved them and made friends for life.”

– Mukogawa Host Family

Etsuko’s Exciting Homestay

I stayed at my host family’s home from March 25th to 28th, 2010. This was the first time for me. The members of my host family are Marjorie (mother), Brad (father), and Brandy, their daughter. Although Marjorie’s family is huge, there were only these three members at home when I stayed with them. I had a really good time there.

When I arrived at their house, Brad welcomed me and told me a joke.
He always tells jokes, but I didn’t understand most of them. Marjorie’s family had no end to their laughing. On Friday night, I made pizza. It was very delicious. I ate it while watching a movie called “27 Dresses.”  I played billiards with them. It was very difficult for me, but Brad and Marjorie taught me and at last I could put the ball in the pocket!! I was glad because they were happy together.

Next, I talked with Marjorie, Brad, and Brandy about Japanese lifestyle and culture, and about Marjorie’s family and Spokane. Their talk was very interesting for me. We talked until almost 1:00 a.m.  I was very relaxed when I slept, and I snored. 


The next day, we visited Marjorie’s sister. We played soccer. Her sis is good at playing any sports! In the evening I went to Gonzaga University and downtown with Marjorie’s family. Then I took a walk while I listened to Marjorie’s explanations. Expo was held at Riverfront Park in 1974. My host mother talked about the Japan pavilion. On Sunday morning, I went to church with them.I received a palm leaf because the day was Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is 7 days before Easter. I sometimes didn’t know what to do and I was confused, but Marjorie whispered into my ear many times. The church was small, but it had a relaxing atmosphere.

One kind older woman spoke to me. She spoke English with an East Coast accent, because she is from Boston. Her accent was very different. She spoke a little fast and I couldn’t follow her.  I had a good time, and I learned many things from this great experience. I’m very happy to meet them! 

Mukogawa U.S.’s homestay program is not currently running due to COVID-19.

There will be no homestays from Fall 2020 until Summer 2021. If you have any questions or would like to sign up to be a future host family, please feel free to contact us at Read more about our school’s status here.

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