Mukogawa U.S.’s homestay program is not currently running due to COVID-19. If you have any questions or would like to sign up to be a future host family, please feel free to contact us at Read more about our school’s status here.

“Our students were lovely to hang out with in our home and brought smiles to all our faces. The children loved them and made friends for life.”

Mukogawa U.S. Host Family

Mukogawa U.S. Campus, established in 1990, is one of the study abroad campuses of Mukogawa Women’s University (MWU) in Nishinomiya, Japan. Homestay Weekend offers an exciting cross-cultural experience for Japanese University students, giving them the opportunity to learn firsthand the activities and lifestyle of an American family. 

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes–from single parent households, to families with young children or teenagers, to retired couples. If you can provide a warm, caring environment filled with lots of fun conversation, you have what it takes to be a Host Family. 

What is Homestay Weekend?

Japanese female university students are assigned to a host family in pairs to participate in typical family weekend activities. This may include making dinner, shopping, going to a soccer game, visiting relatives, playing a board game, going on a hike, or celebrating a birthday. Host Families pick up their students on either Friday after classes (before 8:00 pm) or Saturday morning by 10:00 am and return students the same weekend on Sunday evening.  This one weekend Homestay experience provides families with an excellent opportunity to learn about another culture, share their American values and traditions, and create lasting memories. 

How do I know if I am qualified to host?

Do you love to talk? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Are you interested in learning about another culture? If yes, then you will love our program!

Host Families provide their students with a private place to sleep (students can share a full or queen size bed), meals in the home, transportation to and from campus, and an opportunity to participate in a typical weekend. Students bring their own spending money for personal needs, souvenirs, entertainment and other incidentals. They follow household rules and are invited to participate in all aspects of American family life. You will find that hosting our students is just like adding more members to your family.

What are the rewards of becoming a host family?

IT’S FASCINATING! Host Families learn so much about Japan and the culture from their MFWI students. Traditional arts and crafts, songs, children’s games, and cooking as well as a glimpse of everyday Japanese family life are just a few of the things our students offer a Host Family. 

IT’S REWARDING! MFWI students love and greatly appreciate the opportunity to spend time with an American Host Family. Homestay Weekend is always considered one of their greatest, and most treasured memories of America. Families and students often become friends for life!

IT’S FUN! Experiencing life with members of another culture gives new perspective to many ordinary situations. You will always remember the glint in a students eye as she rolls out the pastry for her first apple pie or bikes with your family along the Centennial Trail. You will enjoy meeting her family through her photo album while sharing your own family photos. Your children will treasure the origami box or bird folded by the students, or giggle remembering their (or your!) first attempt with chopsticks.

“I wanted to stay more. The children were so cute and they talked a lot with me. I could learn pronunciation and American life. I love them!” 

Mukogawa U.S. Student