Fuka’s Story

I studied abroad in Spokane for four months in 2019. I experienced many things, and I will never forget this time. At first, many things were new for me; such as the American lifestyle, class structure, food, and culture. If possible, I tried to do anything new in America that I could.

The American class style was different from Japanese class. The teachers were very active and the classes were quite interactive. The teachers always encouraged us to actively participate in their class. I really liked their teaching because I could not hesitate to answer or be afraid of making mistakes. When I made a mistake or said the wrong answer, I didn’t feel embarrassed. The teachers told me what I did wrong and praised my efforts. My MFWI teachers taught me how to learn from my mistakes and correct my wrong answers.

Besides going to MFWI classes, I visited some American universities, high schools and elementary schools. I especially enjoyed playing with elementary school students because they were so energetic and active. Me and my American pen pal partners exchanged letters many times during the four months. Their letters were so cute and interesting to read because they used American expressions and slang English. I really enjoyed reading their letters and writing letters to them. Unlike Japanese university, there are people who are from different countries in American universities. I met students who are not only American people, but also people from other countries like Mexico, Russia, and Brazil. They were not native English speakers and they also had different cultures. I learned many things from them.

The East Coast Trip and Seattle trip were two of my best memories while studying abroad. I saw many beautiful cities and visited exciting places. Seattle has many famous places like the Bill Gates Foundation, Space Needle and Seattle Mariners. A famous Japanese baseball player, Ichiro Suzuki, belonged to this American team. The Smithsonian Museum had a lot of interesting displays such as pictures, stones, figures of animals and buildings. I was so excited to see them because I had only seen them on TV before. One of the Smithsonian Museums that we went to is featured in the famous American movie, “Night at the Museum”. I really enjoyed this trip.

I learned a lot of things and experiences a lot of things that I am not able to see or do in Japan. I made new Japanese and American friends and am happy to still keep in touch with them. MFWI will give you many memories and experiences, just as I had. Sometimes I had hard time, but my RA and my teachers always helped me to be positive and overcome the hard times. I think my time at MFWI and my new experiences in America will not go to waste.