Early September – Late December

In our fall semester, which runs from September to December, students from the MWU Junior College English Department come to improve their English skills and to experience American culture.  For many of the students, this is the first time they’ve traveled abroad and lived away from their families.  Here, they have a chance to enjoy dormitory life with friends, see the beautiful autumn colors on our campus, learn to like some American food, and get to know a bit about Americans. In addition to the Junior College program, some specialty programs take place in the fall.  

The Extension program welcomes students who opt to do a second semester at our U.S. campus.  The Education program is an elective semester for students from the MWU Education Department who are planning to become teachers.  Other MWU Departments have also established fall semester programs on our campus, which include English studies but also focus on field research and experience in their own majors.  Our fall semesters are always diverse and dynamic. 

All students have the wonderful opportunity to experience a homestay with an American family during the weekend and Thanksgiving. Fall Session runs from the beginning of September to the end of December every year.