Campus Facilities

Whether you are looking for a quiet place to study, a place to watch movies with friends, or relax in nature, Mukogawa has it all! The facilities listed below (save for the JCC and Tsutakawa Memorial Hall by appointment only) are for Mukogawa student use only. JCC and Banquet Services are currently closed due to COVID-19.

Campus Facilities:


Get support for your research – access to materials like books, journal articles and databases – a computer with the right software, or maybe just a quiet place to study.



Enjoy delicious American and Japanese meals at Commons cafeteria!

The Loft

The Loft

The Loft is Mukogawa’s recreation space for students. Located above Commons, students can eat meals in the Loft while watching TV and Youtube, eat popcorn, play board games, and hold parties! The Loft features beautiful glass walls, making the area very bright and airy.

Tsutakawa Memorial Hall

Connected to Commons, Tsutakawa Hall is a large event space often used for weddings, company parties, meetings, graduations, and our Mukogawa Ceremonies, Host Family Matchups and Mukogawa Student Parties!


Japanese Cultural Center

The Japanese Cultural Center served as a resource center and museum for Spokane Community and Mukogawa students. Many classes are also held in the JCC and there are many opportunities to meet Spokane locals here. JCC often holds community events that students can volunteer at.



Mukogawa offers dozens of different classrooms stationed in the Library, JCC, MAC, and various other buildings. Students are welcome to use the classrooms in their free time.

Tea Room

Japanese Tea Room

Donated by former students, Mukogawa U.S. has a beautiful tea room for holding Japanese tea ceremonies. With all authentic Japanese tea room features, Mukogawa U.S. enjoys having one of the nicest tea rooms in Washington state.

Tennis Courts

SFCC Tennis Courts

In agreement with Mukogawa U.S. Campus’s neighbor college, Spokane Falls Community College, the SFCC Tennis Courts are open for our students to use. Tennis equipment is available in Commons and Covington.

Basketball and Volleyball

Basketball and Volleyball Courts

Students can enjoy playing basketball and volleyball games on Mukogawa’s outdoor basketball and volleyball court.