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If you feel like doing more or want to be really challenged in a positive way, I definitely recommend that you join the Extension program. You will become more assertive, more confident, better able to deal with challenges. You’ll become a stronger and more successful woman. 

Tomoyo, Extension Student

Early September – Late December

The Mukogawa U.S. Campus Extension program is an opportunity for Spring University students to return to Spokane for an additional 4 months of advanced studies in the Fall of the same year. Students who return for Extension improve their English skills, develop a deeper understanding of American and Japanese cultures, and challenge themselves in many ways. Trips to the Southwest and Portland, along with an integrated curriculum, teach students about a different side of American history and culture. Extension students will meet and talk with American college students from several universities to improve speaking skills and increase understanding of American culture. All semester, students will work closely with teachers and peers to research a topic about Japanese culture that they will present to an American audience. Extension is a great program for students who work hard and want to expand their horizons. 

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EXT Trips


The Grand Canyon

New Mexico


Multnomah Falls


EXT Classes

EXT Classes








Public Speaking

Southwest History and Culture

University Prep

Fall Events

Fall Events

Greenbluff Farm

Halloween Party



Spokane County Fair

Kendall Yards Night Market

The Nutcracker Ballet

Sports Games

Scarywood Halloween Amusement Park (EXT Only)

Happy Girls Run

Disney on Ice