After 4 months, I was positive and confident in my English and actively using it everyday.
It’s so fun when local people can understand your English! I want to study English more and more!

Mayumi, ENG Student, 2010

Early February – Late May

Around 200 English students come to study at Mukogawa’s U.S. Campus from February until May. All classes at Mukogawa U.S. will be conducted in English in order to acquire the English skills needed in a global society. In order to improve the effectiveness of learning, we have adopted a small group of about 12 language subjects and about 24 lecture subjects. The American teachers who teach are ESL professionals who have a qualification for English education. Each class is 90 minutes, and the classes are organized according to the level of each student, and the instruction and evaluation are done according to the class, so students can improve their English ability without difficulty.

Once during their study abroad, students have a weekend homestay of 2 nights or 3 nights. There are various ways that students spend a day at homestay, such as having a picnic, shopping, and watching sports. Students who are good at cooking can also show off Japanese home cooking.
Students may be invited to spend time with their host family on holidays and holiday meals after their homestay. Through such contact with American families, students will deepen their understanding of American life and customs.

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