During observation, I taught the children karuta, simple Japanese, and origami. The kids loved origami and paper balloons. Many children asked me to make them a balloon. America’s children are just as energetic as Japan’s children! It was a very valuable and enjoyable experience!

Mizuki, Fall 2015

Early September – Late December

Students can experience American education and interact with local people through many trips to local schools!

This is a program that develops the ability of children to respond to English learning and international understanding education. It is a practical study abroad program where you can experience American culture and education and interact with local people. Students can visit local kindergartens and elementary schools to visit various educational sites and participate in practical training prior to the practical training for third-year students. Students will also have the opportunity to teach a class in an American elementary school.

Once during their study abroad, students will have a weekend homestay of 2 nights or 3 nights. There are various ways for students to spend a day at homestay, such as having a picnic, shopping, and watching sports. Students who are good at cooking can also show off Japanese home cooking.
Students may be invited to spend time with their host family on holidays and holiday meals after the initial homestay. Through such contact with American families, students will deepen their understanding of American life and customs.

Students will also live with an American college student just like them! The RA will speak English with students, share meals and recreation, and introduce students to American culture. Students can ask her questions about her experience going to school in America too!

2019 EDU’s Instagram

Yuri’s Story

During my homestay, we made cookies, cakes, and went camping on the lake.
My host family also threw me a birthday party. My host family always listened to the end of my story, spoke slowly, and I was able to have fun conversations.

Moeko , Fall 2015

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