Chihiro’s Story

My study abroad experience has been wonderful. First, I was able to learn American culture. I went to see many famous places and learned American history there. In addition, I actually experienced American culture, such as eating American food, playing with American children, using American furniture and talking with American family during home stay. I found a lot of strange things, went to unknown cities, ate American food and saw beautiful views. I learned and enjoyed American culture.

Second, I have became more active. I became brave when talking with many American people and started to use English outside of classes. I often talk with my friends and my RA in English at my dormitory. In addition, I have been willing to help someone because of community life. We must help each other in our community.

Finally, I noticed the importance of my family. I had to do housework during my study abroad, so I realized how hard it was to do it myself. My mother always does housework for my family. My father also works for us. I felt love from them. I decided to return money for studying abroad to them. I want to give back their favor. In conclusion, my study abroad experience has been wonderful.