Being an RA: Candice’s Story

I have been working at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute since summer of 2016. When I first learned about Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute, I was interested to learn about student life and I wanted to learn more about Japanese culture, so I thought it would be great to work at MFWI as a resident assistant.

After I started working there, it inspired me to go study abroad, which led to spending a month in Japan in summer 2018. Through this trip I was able to visit old MFWI students and friends. It was a great experience and I had a great host family helping me understand culture differences between the U.S. and Japan

Since I began working at MFWI, I’ve made many great friendships with the employees who work at MFWI and students who have come to Spokane to learn about the culture of the United States and to develope their English skills. With having worked at MFWI, it inspired me to major in Anthropology and wanting to work with college students in future career such as an academic advisor.

I consider MFWI a second home, I’ve made many great memories. Some of my favorite memories are the Halloween dances, going on trips to Silverwood, baking sweets at home, and visiting cafes near Manito Park. I hope many people can experience MFWI life and more Mukogawa students come to Spokane to make great memories and friendships with the people here in the U.S.