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About Mukogawa U.S. Campus

Mukogawa U.S. Campus is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA)

Because of modern needs for more internationally minded and practically diverse students, Mukogawa Women’s University (MWU) branched out in 1990, starting an American campus in Spokane, Washington, called Mukogawa U.S. Campus for the exclusive use of its students. Spokane with over 200,000 people is the academic and civic center of the vast, rich Inland Northwest, and a sister city of Nishinomiya, where MWU is located.

The campus lies above the Spokane River at the western edge of the city. At the entrance to the campus with 72 acres of land is a big stone bearing names of Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute (Mukogawa U.S. Campus was formerly known as Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute) ―― Established in 1990 and Mukogawa Women’s University, both in English and Japanese, respectively. Designated as a historical monument with gracious redbrick houses and buildings and hundreds of trees, especially old pines and firs, an even bigger monument announcing “Fort George Wright Historical Monument” was unveiled on October 20, 1995, on the velvet lawn between the Holy Names Music Center and the Mukogawa Japanese Cultural Center. President Akira Kusaka’s dream to expose students to a international culture and expand their English language ability had come true.

Today, about 400 English majors participate in spring and fall sessions, with about 50 coming from various departments for the summer session. Since the Fall of 1990, over 10,000 students have studied at Mukogawa U.S. Campus. The effects of such experiences have brought the students many benefits including advantages when seeking jobs. However, nothing is more advantageous for the students than their firsthand experience of English and knowledge of American life-styles through their home-stay with American families. Steady development of the program is attributed not only to the efforts of faculty and staff members but also the warm cooperation of host families and the community.

The academic program is taught by faculty members with M.A. degrees or certificates in English as a Second Language (ESL) or related fields and many years of teaching experience. The specially written program has resulted in a strong improvement in English skills and confidence of the students. Those finishing the courses at Mukogawa U.S. make good use of their precious experiences even after they graduate from Mukogawa institutions and actively engage in many walks of life.